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Introducing Oklahoma City Thunder executives Brian Byrnes and Dan Mahoney

by Andy Lester
8/12/2009 2:12:00 PM

 Have you been to a Thunder game? A ticket to see the National Basketball Association’s most recently named team is a hot item. Did you know that the Oklahoma City Thunder ranks third in sales of full season tickets? That’s right – third out of thirty. Ahead of the Celtics. Ahead of the Bulls. Ahead of New York, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and so many others.

Upon arrival last year, the Thunder became Oklahoma’s only major league franchise. The former team name, the SuperSonics, stayed in Seattle. Usually when an NBA team moves, it keeps the same name. Which of the following teams had their current name in a previous location? And where did each team move from? Don’t peek, but the answer is at the end of this email.

A. Los Angeles Lakers
B. Detroit Pistons
C. Golden State Warriors
D. Houston Rockets
E. Utah Jazz

This week, our guests are two executives from the Oklahoma City Thunder, Brian Byrnes and Dan Mahoney. Brian is Senior Vice President for Ticket Sales & Service. Dan is Vice President for Communications & Community Relations. Please give a warm Edmond Rotary welcome to Messrs. Byrnes and Mahoney for what promises to be an interesting program.


Answer – Professional basketball aficionados know that all of the teams listed above had the same name before moving to their current location. The previous homes, in order, were Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, Philadelphia, San Diego and New Orleans.


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