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OSBI Director Stan Florence visits the Rotary Club of Edmond

by Andy Lester
5/11/2011 11:32:00 AM

    You’ve heard of the FBI – the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And you’ve heard of the OSBI. But what do you really know about the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation?

    According to its website, the OSBI was created in 1925 at the request of Governor M. E. Trapp to combat “gangs of outlaws [that] roamed the state terrorizing the citizens of many Oklahoma towns. These gangsters often escaped lawmen by fleeing across county lines. The U.S. Marshal’s Service was the only law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction, but its officers were outnumbered by the bandits.”

    With its original state appropriation of $78,000, the State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation as it was then known hired three agents who, within a year, were credited with reducing bank robberies in the state by 75%. In 1939, the agency was renamed the State Crime Bureau, and in 1957 it became known by its present name.

    In 1976, in the wake of the scandal involving former Gov. David Hall, the OSBI was removed from the direct control of the Governor, and a seven member independent commission was created to oversee its activities. The Commission includes a one chief of police, a sheriff, a district attorney, and four lay members, appointed by the Governor and approved by the Oklahoma Senate. Commission members serve seven year staggered terms. According to the OSBI website, “the commission appoints the Director, hears complaints, and serves as a buffer between the Bureau and potential political pressures concerning any particular investigations.” Did you know that Anne Holzberlein of Edmond is one of the lay members of the OSBI Commission?

    The special guest of the Rotary Club of Edmond this week is OSBI Director Stan Florence. Director Florence worked in law enforcement for 27 years before assuming his current post on November 15, 2010. He started his law enforcement career as a police officer in Duncan, served as Grady County Sheriff, and joined the OSBI as a Special Agent in 2003.

    He earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management and Ethics at Mid-America Bible College and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from East Central University. He graduated from the National Sheriff’s Institute and holds an Advanced level Certificate with the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.  Florence is an adjunct professor at Mid-America Christian University in the Criminal Justice Management and Ethics bachelor’s degree program and in the Leadership and Public Administration master’s degree program.

    Please welcome OSBI Director Stan Florence to the Rotary Club of Edmond.



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