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Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas visits the Rotary Club of Edmond

by Andy Lester
2/29/2012 12:01:00 PM

  When Rotary Club of Edmond member Patrice Douglas last spoke to us, she was our city’s Mayor. Now, Patrice is an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner and is about to complete her fifth month in office.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission consists of three members, each of whom is elected on a statewide basis. Appointed last year, Patrice will be on this year’s election ballot.
According to its website, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission “regulates public utilities, except those under municipal or federal jurisdiction or exempt from regulation; oil and gas drilling, production and environmental protection; the safety aspects of motor carrier, rail and pipeline transportation and the environmental integrity of petroleum storage tank systems.” It also enforces “regulations for underground injection of water and chemicals, underground disposal of certain oil and gas waste fluids and remediation of soil and groundwater pollution caused by leaking petroleum products storage tanks.”
Patrice received her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma Christian and her law degree from the University of Oklahoma. She practiced law for 13 years, then joined her family business, ACP Sheet Metal, serving as its Vice President and General Counsel.
Before assuming her post as a Corporation Commissioner, Patrice worked for SpirtBank and First Fidelity Bank. In May, 2011, she was appointed to the Oklahoma Bankers Association Board of Directors.
Her husband, Brent Douglas, is a strategic planning consultant. They live in Edmond with their two sons, Patrick and Phillip
Please welcome Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas to the Rotary Club of Edmond.


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