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Employee Handbooks and Policies in the 21st Century
by R. Scott Thompson
12/17/2014 8:35:00 PM

     What is an employee handbook? Why would a business want one? Does my business need one? What should it contain? These are the primary issues addressed in this topic.

     In general, an employee handbook comprises many elements. It is a compilation of rules. It is a tool to explain procedures for handling problems. It is a way to communicate expectations to employees. It allows a business to explain its corporate culture. A handbook helps orient new employees and provides direction on issues that frequently arise. It is important, however, that the employee handbook reflect the reality of the business. Rules and expectations should comport with the way the company actually operates.

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L.A.W. (Legal Advice Wednesday) - March 5, 2014
by George S. Freedman
3/5/2014 10:45:00 AM

     Oklahoma recognizes that when an individual butts heads with an insurance company after suffering some level of misfortune, the insurance company has all of the power.  That is why in 1977 the Oklahoma Supreme Court outlined the insurance companies’ duty to act in good faith when dealing with its insured.  The duty is akin to a fiduciary duty where the insurance company must treat its insured as if it were the insured.  Failure to do so creates a lawsuit separate from the breach of the insurance contract that is referred to as a bad faith claim.

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L.A.W. (Legal Advice Wednesday) - February 19, 2014
by George S. Freedman
2/19/2014 9:25:00 AM

     Battles over children in divorce cases are gut wrenching affairs.  To state the obvious, everyone involved is scarred by the process.  I often tell my clients that in custody cases there is no “winning” only “degrees of losing.”  Every client asks what he/she needs to prove in order to “win” custody of the children.  While there is no magical formula or list of provable elements like answering a science problem, there is definitely an art to persuading the court my client having custody serves the best interest of the children.

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